Fitspiration #3: Natalie Muntean

Sunday Sweatfest: Core-Cardio Interval Training

     Today’s interval work is pretty intense, because there’s technically no rest period.  Your rest period is instead a number of bridging exercises.  There’s alternate exercises for “beginners,” though I have a feeling even if you did do the “beginner” version, you’ll still be tasting the salt in your mouth.

     Each round will rack in at about 2minutes and 40 seconds.  Depending on how long it takes you to complete your bridging exercises, it should take you less than 30 minutes to complete. Remember that intensity is key!

     Set your timer for 4 cycles of 20/20. Each couplet will be performed 4 times, in a row! AND THEN REPEATED (insert evil laugh here).  The bridging exercise between each couplet has set reps, so you won’t need to reset your timer.

Couplet 1 – Start timer and complete 4 continuous rounds.

  1. Mountain Climbers
  2. Dynamic Push Ups or Push up followed by a plank jack or Regular push ups
  • Bridging Exercise: Supermans- 20 reps

    Couplet 2 – Start timer and complete 4 continuous rounds.

    1. Side to Side Step Ups or Regular Step ups
    2. In and Out Abs- you’re pretty much in a plank position, and you jump your legs into a tuck position then jump them back out into a plank
    • Bridging Exercise: Stability Ball Crunches- 20 reps

    Couplet 3 – Start timer and complete 4 continuous rounds.

    1. Plank Climbers or Plank Punches
    2. Diagonal Knee Tucks
    • Bridging Exercise: Stability ball hyperextensions or dolphins- 20 Reps

    Couplet 4 – Start timer and complete 4 continuous rounds.

    1. Burpees or Half Burpees
    2. Dynamic Squat Jumps or jumping jacks

    REPEAT it all over again :)

    Lower Body + Jump Rope Abs Cardio Circuit

    Yah, yah… been slacking on posting my work outs.  I’ve had couple of great non-boring circuit cardio routines lately, too.  Oh well.  I’ve been extremely indecisive about my training splits and choosing between full body, 5-6 day focused body part split, or a 4 day upper lower split.  With that being said, the past three weeks I’ve tried out each of them.  So far I’m enjoying the 4 day upper/lower split.  It’s much, much less boring, and I feel as if I can still focus on the movements and contractions of each work out.  It’s additionally not as boring.  On arms day I feel much more energized to focus on higher intensity cardio, as well.  With that being said, here was today’s leg work out.  I forgot my interval timer at home, so right when I got home I decided to include a cardio abs circuit with jump rope, which I found to be fun… I absolutely suck at jump roping, by the way.  Quite comedic.  Here ya go!

    Lower Body Work out: 4 sets of 12 reps Each

    Superset 1: Barbell Box Squat + Romanian Deadlift
    Triset 2: Leg Press Machine + Leg Extension Machine + Seated Leg Curl
    Superset 3: Weighted Butt/Glute Bridge + Bodyweight Glute Kickbacks

    Jump Rope Cardio and Ab Circuit: 
    The goal is to complete as many rounds as possible of the following exercises in 20 minutes

    1) Regular Jumping Rope- 100 reps
    2) 20 V Sit Ups
    3) Butt Kick Jump Rope- 100 reps
    4) 20 Side Bridges (Each Side)
    5) High Knee Jump Rope- 100 Reps
    6) 20 Bicycles
    7) Jumping Jacks using Jump Rope- 100 Reps
    8) Leg Lifts

    Workout Log: Leg and Core Scorchers

    I felt the guilt of the weekend, so I performed and AM and PM work out today, which will be continued until I get to Australia.
    AM Workout:
      40 minutes of steady state cardio at a speed of 6.0-6.8

    Leg and Core Intensive Work out:
    WARM UP:

    • 100 Jumping Jacks
    • 100 high knees
    • 100 butt kicks
    • 100 suicides
    • 50 sumo squats holding 15# dumbbell