Post Thanksgiving Full Body (Bodyweight Only) Sweat Session

Work out breakdown: 24 cycles of 45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest.  You’ll notice at circuit six and seven, they’re different, only because I wanted to mix it up.  Feel free to stick with one of the options the full circuit if you please.

1) Power Jacks aka Low Jumping Jacks (33, 33, 34)

2) Plank Climbers (alternating lead arm) ( 26, 26, 27)

3) Body weight Curtsy (right) ( 26, 28, 30)

4) Body weight Curtsy (left) ( 28, 29, 30 )

5) Burpee with “Power” push up to feet (you pretty much do a push up when you hit the ground ( 16, 15, 13)

6) Single Glute Raise from the heel (right) (26)
    Standing Knee Tuck aka “Power Knee (in Insanity)” (right) (66)
    Single Leg Kick (right) (46)

7) Single Glute Raise from heel  (left) ( 25)
    Standing Knee Tuck aka “Power Knee (in Insanity)” (left) (66)
    Single Leg Kick (left) (52)

8) Diagonal Knee Tucks ( 40, 38, 40)

I then topped the work out off with a round of TABATAS: 8 cycles of 10 seconds rest and 20 seconds MAX effort:

  1. Dynamic Squats x 2 sets
  2. Mountain Climbers x 2 sets
  3. 2 lunge Jumps with Dynamic Squat x 2
  4. Mountain Climbers x 1 set
  5. Sumo Squat Jumps x 1 set
Keep Beating, Keep Keep beating HEART: Sweaty Morning Cardio Work out

Dumb title, I know. Interval Cardio this morning only lasts 21 minutes (at least for me… feel free to increase the time/rounds).  The only equipment you need is a your body and a moderate weight kettlebell or dumbbell.  Set your interval app timer for 21 continuous cycles of 45 seconds work and 15 seconds recovery and 45 seconds effort. You’ll be doing 3 continuous rounds of the following 7 exercises:

My reps per exercise are in brackets!

  1. Side to Side Step Ups (56, 57, 55)
  2. Kettlebell Vertical Swing Burpee (20lbs) (9, 10.5, 10)
  3. Jump Rope (did buttkick variation) (65, 68, 69)
  4. Two-Handed Kettlebell Swing (20lb) ( 36, 36, 38)
  5. Burpee with tricep push up (13, 12, 13)
  6. Diagonal Touch Dynamic Squats (38, 39, 40)
  7. In and Out Abs (31, 31, 29)

I’m pretty much a sweat bath now.

This afternoon will be followed by Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer Back and Bis.  Obviously didn’t listen again about the No Cardio thing :/

3x12 with 1 minute rest between sets:

  1.  Wide Grip Lat Pulldown
  2. One Arm Dumbbell Row
  3. Seated Cable Row
  4. Underhand Cable Pulldown
  5. Alternating Bicep Curls
  6. One Arm Preacher Curl
  7. Standing Bicep Cable Curl
Sunday Sweatfest: Core-Cardio Interval Training

     Today’s interval work is pretty intense, because there’s technically no rest period.  Your rest period is instead a number of bridging exercises.  There’s alternate exercises for “beginners,” though I have a feeling even if you did do the “beginner” version, you’ll still be tasting the salt in your mouth.

     Each round will rack in at about 2minutes and 40 seconds.  Depending on how long it takes you to complete your bridging exercises, it should take you less than 30 minutes to complete. Remember that intensity is key!

     Set your timer for 4 cycles of 20/20. Each couplet will be performed 4 times, in a row! AND THEN REPEATED (insert evil laugh here).  The bridging exercise between each couplet has set reps, so you won’t need to reset your timer.

Couplet 1 – Start timer and complete 4 continuous rounds.

  1. Mountain Climbers
  2. Dynamic Push Ups or Push up followed by a plank jack or Regular push ups
  • Bridging Exercise: Supermans- 20 reps

    Couplet 2 – Start timer and complete 4 continuous rounds.

    1. Side to Side Step Ups or Regular Step ups
    2. In and Out Abs- you’re pretty much in a plank position, and you jump your legs into a tuck position then jump them back out into a plank
    • Bridging Exercise: Stability Ball Crunches- 20 reps

    Couplet 3 – Start timer and complete 4 continuous rounds.

    1. Plank Climbers or Plank Punches
    2. Diagonal Knee Tucks
    • Bridging Exercise: Stability ball hyperextensions or dolphins- 20 Reps

    Couplet 4 – Start timer and complete 4 continuous rounds.

    1. Burpees or Half Burpees
    2. Dynamic Squat Jumps or jumping jacks

    REPEAT it all over again :)

    WOD: Sprints + Bodyweight Exercise + Tabata Topper

    Once again, I did not feel like going to the gym, so I did a home work out today. 

    I started with 12 rounds of sprints for about 50 yards, walking back as my “recovery.” 

    I then decided to give my body a bit of a break and do this full body bodyweight work out for three rounds:

    1.     Squats (normal pace) x 30 reps
    2.     Slow Push Ups (4 seconds down, 4 secs up)- 20 reps
    3.     Stability Ball Dolphin/Reverse Hyperextension – 20 reps
    4.     Slow Single-Leg Deadlifts (right then left)- 20 reps
    5.     Tricep Push Ups (normal pace)- 20 reps
    6.     Slow Sumo Squats-20 reps

    Repeat 2 more times

    And for my final topper, TABATAS:
    Set your timer for 8 cycles of 10 seconds rest and 20 seconds MAX effort and perform the following sequence TWICE. My times are in brackets:

    1. Two-Handed Dumbbell Swing (30lb) (14, 14)
    2. Side to Side Step Ups (24, 25)
    3. Alternating Kettlebell Swing (30lb) (13, 13)
    4. Side to Side Step Ups (25, 26)
    Killer Legs and Glutes

    Short on time today, so I skipped the gym and did this killer work out.  It was much harder than I expected.  Enjoy!

    My reps/weights are in brackets. Repeat each circuit twice then move on to the next one.


    1. DEEP Body Weight Squat 50 reps
    2. High Deficit Reverse Lunge (left)** 60 seconds (20lb dumbbells– 17, 18)
    3. High Deficit Reverse Lunge (right) 60 secs (20lb dumbbells– 17, 18)
      **You pretty much stand on a high step and do a reverse lunge with your leg still on the step, then go back up


    1. Single-Leg Hip Thrust (left) 20 reps (20,20)
    2. Single-Leg Hip Thrust (right) 20 reps (20, 20)
    3. Bench Jumpovers- 60 secs (didn’t count)


    1. Single-Leg Chair Squat (left) x 12 reps
    2. Single-Leg Chair Squat (right) x 12 reps
    3. Side to Side Step Ups- 60 secs (63, 60)


    1. Single-leg Stability Ball Curl (left) 15 reps
    2. Single-leg Stability Ball Curl (right) 15 reps
    3. Stand-Kneel-Stand (left)-60 secs (20lbs overhead)
    4. Stand-Kneel-Stand (right)- 60 secs (20 lbs overhead)
    At Home, Arm Intensive Dumbbell and Bodyweight Work out

    Warm Up: 10 minute Jump Rope
    I used lower weights (10 & 15 #s), given high rep range

    Round 1 - 5 minutes:
    1. 10 air squats followed by 5 Hindu push-ups

    Round 2 - 5 minutes:
    1. One arm dumbbell get-up followed by 3 one-arm/one-leg rows

    Round 3 - each exercise for 30 seconds, then repeat:
    1. Dumbbell piston
    2. Squat thrust
    3. Dumbbell high pull
    4. Narrow grip push-ups

    Round 4 - each exercise for 30 seconds, then repeat:
    1. Step back lunge
    2. Dumbbell Y-press
    3. Rotational curls

    Round 5 - each exercise for 30 seconds, then combine all exercises into one movement and continue for 2 minutes:
    1. Dumbbell prone row
    2. Dumbbell clean
    3. Dumbbell press
    4. Dumbbell prone, clean, & press combine

    SOURCE: Lean Body Lifestyle (Check out his website for recipes, too)

    Sometimes all you need is a picture of a Hot Chic and some N.O.


    Exhibit A:

    Exhibit B:

    Exhibit C: Perfect Abs/Tits:

    I was very close to not completing today’s work out and being a pussy, only to murder it.  While I “murdered” the work out, I was pretty much lazy and combined two former work outs I posted.  Here it is:

    Set your interval timer to 45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest.  I did three rounds nonstop… so 45 minutes of sweat.  Feel free to cut it down to 30 mins.  It is pretty tough.  That would leave you to 30 or 45 rounds on the timer. 

    1) 2 Sumo Squat Jumps with Burpee
    2) Bulgarian Split Squat (I balanced on a stability ball)- Right
    3) Bulgarian Split Squat- Left
    4) Stability Ball Pike into Push Up
    5) Dynamic Squat Jump into two Jump Lunges
    6) Suicides
    7) Squat down, Pistol up (See demonstration below.  These are hard.  Focus on Form)

    8) Half Burpee into Tricep push up
    9) Dynamic Squat Jumps
    10) Tricep Dips (I elevated my feet on stability ball)
    11) Reverse Lunge with Kick Up- Right
    12) Reverse Lunge with Kick Up- Left
    13) Stability Ball Jack Knife
    14) Plank Jacks
    15) Jump Rope
    REPEAT 1-2x

    Ryan Gosling just because :)


    UPPER BODY WEIGHTS: 4 rounds with rep scheme of 12, 10, 8, 12
    Arnold Press
    Front Raise
    Lateral Raise
    Dips with Feet Elevated
    Skull Crushers

    Superset Incline Dumbbell Press with Machine Military Press

    Tricep Pulldown with Rope Attachment

    HIIT Cardio Portion- 20 rounds of 45 seconds work, 10 seconds rest
    1) Squat+Reverse Lunge+Kick Combo (RIGHT)
    2) Squat+Reverse Lunge+Kick Combo (LEFT)
    3) Dynamic Squat
    4) Mountain Climbers
    5) Bench Jumpovers
    6) Suicides
    7) Plank Climbers
    8) Dynamic squat with body twist to touch toes, alternating sides
    9) Plank Walks
    10) High Knees
    11) Squat Jumps
    12) Synchronized Jumping Rope
    13) Plank Jacks
    14) Jumping Jacks
    15) Medicine Ball Seated Oblique Twist
    16) Power Knees (one leg stays on floor and bring other knee up to touch hands)- RIGHT
    17) Power Knees- LEFT
    18) Scissor Runs
    19) Squat-Tap-Tap
    20) Alternating Kicks, Crunching down to Tap hands

    "Easy" and Effective Morning Plyometric Cardio

    So today’s work out is “easy” in that it’s straightforward.  I noticed after making it, I pretty much clustered all the exercises most everyone says they hates in one (Evil Laugh).  I definitely broke out a sweat and found it challenging but not in the usual Andrea “I-want-to-work-until-I-feel-like-puking” style. 

    There are four intervals.  You’ll find that you can switch it up to make it easier for beginners or harder for more advanced work out bugs.  You only need a jump rope and step bench, though I’ll include subs if needed.  Here is my work out from this morning.

    4 Intervals:
    15 Box Jumps (can sub for tuck jumps or plank jacks)
    15 Jump Squats
    30 Jump Lunges (15 per leg)
    50 Mountain Climbers (both legs up is one rep)
    15 Burpees
    Jump Rope 5 minutes- I did regular, high knees, butt kicks, and jumping jack jump ropes (or run, or mock jump rope…  whichever steady state cardio you enjoy). 

    Repeat this circuit 3 more times.

    My last two circuits to increase intensity I did:
    20 Box Jumps
    20 Jump Squats
    40 Jump Lunges
    100 Mountain Climbers
    20 Burpees
    5 Minutes of varying Jump rope styles

    Mop the Floor Sweat Blast + Upper Body

    Equipment: Stool or High Chair + Jump Rope
    I set my interval timer for 10 rounds of 1 minute work and 1 minute rest, though I guess you can say that there’s no actual rest.  The “rest” period for this work out will be spent using your jump rope.  It’s fairly straightforward and time goes by quickly, but it’ll still leave you dripping.  Remember to push yourself.  Feel free to love and hate me :)

    1. Squat – Reverse Lunge and Kick Combo (RIGHT)- 1 minute
      JUMP ROPE- 1 minute
    2. Squat – Reverse Lunge and Kick Combo (LEFT)- 1 minute
      JUMP ROPE- 1 minute
    3. Push Up – Squat Thrust – Diagonal Knee Tuck Combo- 1 minute
      JUMP ROPE- 1 minute
    4. High, Side Step Up with Ab Crunch (RIGHT)- 1 minute
      JUMP ROPE- 1 minute
    5. High, Side Step Up with Ab Crunch (LEFT)- 1 minute
      JUMP ROPE- 1 minute
    6. Bench Jump Overs or Donkey Jumps- 1 minute
      JUMP ROPE- 1 minute
    7. Two Sumo Squat Jumps and Burpee- 1 minute
      JUMP ROPE- 1 minute
    8. Suicides- 1 minute
      JUMP ROPE- 1 minute
    9. Elevated Plank Climbers- 1 minute
      JUMP ROPE- 1 minute
    10. Mountain Climbers
      JUMP ROPE- 1 minute

    UPPER BODY WORK OUT: 4 sets of 10-12

    1. Standing Palm In One Arm Dumbbell Press
    2. Wide Grip Lat Pull Down
    3. Skull Crushers
    4. Barbell Curls
    5. Military Press
    6. Bent Over Rows
    7. Close Grip Front Lat Pulldown
    Lower Body + Jump Rope Abs Cardio Circuit

    Yah, yah… been slacking on posting my work outs.  I’ve had couple of great non-boring circuit cardio routines lately, too.  Oh well.  I’ve been extremely indecisive about my training splits and choosing between full body, 5-6 day focused body part split, or a 4 day upper lower split.  With that being said, the past three weeks I’ve tried out each of them.  So far I’m enjoying the 4 day upper/lower split.  It’s much, much less boring, and I feel as if I can still focus on the movements and contractions of each work out.  It’s additionally not as boring.  On arms day I feel much more energized to focus on higher intensity cardio, as well.  With that being said, here was today’s leg work out.  I forgot my interval timer at home, so right when I got home I decided to include a cardio abs circuit with jump rope, which I found to be fun… I absolutely suck at jump roping, by the way.  Quite comedic.  Here ya go!

    Lower Body Work out: 4 sets of 12 reps Each

    Superset 1: Barbell Box Squat + Romanian Deadlift
    Triset 2: Leg Press Machine + Leg Extension Machine + Seated Leg Curl
    Superset 3: Weighted Butt/Glute Bridge + Bodyweight Glute Kickbacks

    Jump Rope Cardio and Ab Circuit: 
    The goal is to complete as many rounds as possible of the following exercises in 20 minutes

    1) Regular Jumping Rope- 100 reps
    2) 20 V Sit Ups
    3) Butt Kick Jump Rope- 100 reps
    4) 20 Side Bridges (Each Side)
    5) High Knee Jump Rope- 100 Reps
    6) 20 Bicycles
    7) Jumping Jacks using Jump Rope- 100 Reps
    8) Leg Lifts

    "The Quickie" Full Body Interval Work out

    Well, it can be if you would like.  Once again, here is a full body work out incorporating strength, plyo, balance and stability, cardio, and core.  It was a bit more challenging for me than I had expected, but I believe it’s because my legs are still killing me.  I lied when I said I was going to stick to full body routines, and I ended up killing my legs the other day.  I need to be careful that I’m not over training my leg muscles, which I tend to do.  You’ll notice that this work out incorporate plenty of compound/combo moves, which brings up the intensity and allows you to work multiple body parts.  

    Anyways, here is the work out for the day.  Set your interval timer to 15 seconds rest 45 seconds work.  I did 3 rounds, but since it’s a “quickie,” feel free to cut it down to 20 minutes. 

    1. Push up to Squat thrust to Diagonal Leg Tuck Combo
    2. Push up to Burpee
    3. Dynamic/Plyo Squat (Be sure to touch floor as you jump and squat down)
    4. Stability Ball Pike into Pike Push Up
    5. Tricep Dips off Bench with legs balancing Stability Ball
    6. Reverse Lunge to Squat and Kick Up (right)
    7. Reverse Lunge to Squat and Kick Up (left)
    8. Stability Ball Jacknife
    9. Power Jacks
    10. Elevated Plank Climbers with a Punch coming up from the plank

    Enjoy the sweat session!

    Mop-the-Floor-Sweaty Sunday Cardio Endurance Routine

    This one was pretty brutal. I adapted it off of my favorite work out blog,  Should you ever need any ideas for a work out and want to work out at home, she has great tutorials that I find both fun and challenging.  I loved this one, because it truly tests your cardio endurance, while targeting your core and stability.  The work out is originally supposed to be set for 1 minute of work and 25 seconds recovery, however I decided to do one round of 1 minute effort, 25 seconds rest.  I then did two more rounds cutting my work period down to 45 seconds effort, 15 seconds rest.  Here are the moves:

    1. Squat – Reverse Lunge and Kick Combo (right)
    2. Squat – Reverse Lunge and Kick Combo (left)
    3. Push Up – Squat Thrust – Diagonal Knee Tuck Combo
    4. High, Side Step Up with Knee to Elbow Oblique Twist (right)- You pretty much step up side ways on to your bench, twisting your torso so that your elbow hits your knee to target obliques
    5. High, Side Step Up with Knee to Elbow Oblique Twist(left)
    6. Bench Jump Overs (Alternative:
    7. Two Sumo Squat Jumps with Burpee
    8. Elevated Plank Climber
    9. Evil Jumps- Dynamic squat (Jump squat) with two lunge jumps
    10. Mountain Climbers

    An Interval Timer Can be found here if you don’t have the app on your phone or a gym boss timer:

    Here is Maryanne’s video if you need more guidance:

    2 Workouts & a Low Carb Recipe: Treadmill Cardio + Full Body Bodyweight Strength/Cardio Circuit + Spinach Bars

    I suppose I’ve been feeling the vacation indulgence guilt creep up on me, so the weekend has been used to revamp my work outs and  meal planning.  I’m hoping to be able to use my tumblr as a way to keep track of my meals/calorie intake and work outs from now on.  Given that my goal is fat loss, I think I’m going to go back to full body weight training and cardio rather than split routines, albeit still wanting to lift decently challenging weights.  Given that I didn’t go to the gym today, I did a body weight routine (with the exception of using a stability ball) plus morning cardio. 

    This one was inspired by

    Treadmill Walks (2 mins) / Lunges (1min)/ Runs(2mins)
    Pattern: 6 rounds, increasing incline on each as listed:
    Incline 2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, 10%, 12%

    Walk 2 mins @ 3.5 on an incline

    Lunge 1 min on treadmill (I did this at a speed of 2.0)

    Run 2 mins  (I started with 6.0, running for two minutes and increased by 0.5 thereafter until i hit 7.0 and decreased to 6.5 down to 6.0)

    Then increase incline as listed above and repeat sequence.

    The first section of this work out focuses on slow, controlled resistance exercises for strength and conditioning.  The second section is an additional cardio work out which is core intensive for a change of pace.  It was a bit more challenging than expected, though I attribute this to my lack of hydration

    SECTION 1: Complete 2 Rounds of the Following

    1. Squats- 30 reps
    2. Slow Push Ups (4 seconds down, 4 seconds up) – 20 reps
    3. Stability Ball Reverse Hyperextension – 20 reps (
    4. Slow Single-Leg Deadlifts (right then left) – 20 reps
    5. Close/Tricep Push Ups – 20 reps
    6. Slow Sumo Squats– 20 reps (Focus on squeezing inner thighs, glutes and ass)

    SECTION 2: Set your interval timer, either on your phone or online for 12 cycles of 15 45 seconds work and 15 seconds rest:

    1. Lunge Jumps
    2. Stability Ball Jackknife (
    3. Mountain Climbers
    4. Stability Ball Oblique Jackknife Twists (Same as Jacknife, but you alternate bringing legs in to the right then left side)
    5. Burpees
    6. Stability Ball Hand to Foot Transfer (

    3 Packages Frozen, Defrosted Spinach
    1/2 cup Egg Whites or Egg Beaters
    1/2 cup onion
    1 cup fat free cottage cheese
    Seasoning of choice (I used garlic salt/Mrs. Dash)

    Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Mix it all up.  Spray an 8X8 pan with cooking spray.  Pop in the oven for 40 mins